Continuing Professional Development

Seminars we have attended and our comments


15th August Hide and Scent Workshop

Scentwork workshop by Tc Dog Training

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21st and 22nd July Living and Learning with Animals

A seminar in behaviour change connecting the dots from behaviour science to best practices

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20th April Keeper for a Day

Keeper for a Day course at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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5th and 6th March Kim Moeller: Teaching Reactive Rover Classes – A practical guide

Fantastic seminar!! A very skilled trainer who specializes in canine aggression giving a structured plan for trainers to help owners of aggressive dogs

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15th January First Aid Training: Canine First Responder Course

Now we are both qualified as Canine First Aiders

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11th December Gert De Bolster: Dog Aggression – Communication, Management & Training

Very interesting, use of positive methods for changing the emotional state of aggressive dogs

23rd October A Beginners Guide to Canine Massage (for home use only)

Now our own dogs can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage every day!

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September Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training: "Common Canine Behaviour Problems"

2/3/4th July Dr Ian Dunbar: Science Based Dog Training with Feeling

Always learn a lot with Ian! How to ensure the continuation of good behaviour in puppyhood through the trials of adolescence establishing reliability

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28th June Trevor Cooper Canine Law Seminar

The UK’s leading expert on all aspects of dog-related law

24th April COAPE: Professor Ray Coppinger - The Mexico City Dump

An expert on the evolution and domestication of dogs – fascinating seminar on the world’s enormous feral dog population

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12th April Sheila Harper: Canine Secrets – understanding dogs body language

A close associate of Turid Rugaas

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6th March APBC: Aggression - it’s an emotional thing

Some interesting speakers

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17th October Sally Sanford: Hands on Hands Off Canine Practical Training Day

Confirmed our own existing methodology

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29/30th August Workshop at Dog’s Trust, Mersyside

Working with the dogs at the Shelter using Turid’s methods

13th May Dr Anne McBride: The vet’s role in developing good canine citizens – CEVA DAP

Convincing evidence on the use of Dog Appeasing Pheremones and the importance of qualified trainers running Puppy Kindergarten classes

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18/19th April Turid Rugaas: Lead Aggression & Canine Communication

Wonderful! The BEST Loose Lead Walking technique and so much insight into dog’s body language and calming signals

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28th September UKRCB – C.A.T: Constructional Aggression Treatment

Poorly presented seminar – not for us – we could not see how this method would work

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20th September Nicole Wilde: Creative Client Coaching

Improving people skills

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28th June Dr David Ryan: Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs

Ideas for controlling/managing inappropriate chasing

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21st/ 22nd June K9 Osteopathy Seminar

Seminar for Osteopathy students which we were lucky to attend. Learnt a lot about anatomy, structural problems and injuries

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30th September Dr Annie McBride: Training – Methods, Equipment and Effects

Interesting seminar on the efficacy of positive based methods and the damage done by negative

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5/6/7/8th July Dr Ian Dunbar

The trainer/behaviourist who brought reward based training to the Dog World and introduced the concept of early puppy training

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